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During the Baroque era, Caltagirone became famous for the production of ceramic bricks, called majolica, decorated with floral and geometric motifs. The master potters of Caltagirone were very skilled in creating elaborate shapes and designs, using different decoration techniques. Caltagirone majolica tiles were highly appreciated for their beauty and durability, and were an important decorative element for all Sicilian houses, in fact they were used to decorate party halls, architraves and even the external facades of the buildings of the time

  CONTAINS | Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic, Single-Variety Nocellara del Belice

hand.png  PACKAGING | Hand Made in Caltagirone

1 Carton consists of 6 Bottles.

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This Single Variety of “Nocellara del Belice” is produced from organic olives grown solely within the company estate “Case di Latomie”.

It is an extra virgin olive oil with medium fruity and a very delicate flavour. Visually it is dense and opaque.

Its flavour reminds us of the fresh fruit with a pleasing aftertaste of tomato and sweet almond.

Its herbaceous aroma and unexpected sweetness make it excellent with fish, both raw and cooked, vegetable soups, red meat, and all vegetable dishes.


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